Personal Trainer study chain
4 locations in Campania, Italy

Performance monitoring and gamification:
quality assurance and creation of a community.

1. The MiFit offer

MiFit is able to provide a personalized and highly motivating experience for its users. MiFit is able to provide a personalized and highly motivating experience for its users. In this article, we will explore the distinctive features of MiFit and how Uptivo contributes to the chain's success, also thanks to gamification tools.

2. The MiFit Story

Luca Novati, which started seventeen years ago from a large multipurpose club, opened the first MiFit center in 2018, with the idea of focusing on an audience motivated to achieve specific goals, within an elite environment. MiFit today is a personal training chain that counts 4 offices (Casora, Terzigno, Lusciano and Napoli Chiaia) and offers a wide range of services, including nutritional advice, training planning and management of group activities. Luca is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of its customers through a personalized and highly professional approach.
Thanks to the presence of highly qualified personal trainers who are attentive to the needs of individual customers, MiFit guarantees an effective and targeted training experience. In addition, The chain stands out for the presence of innovative technologies, such as the Uptivo platform, which allow monitoring customer progress and providing personalized support at every stage of the training process.
MiFit structures its workouts in 45-minute sessions, allowing athletes to train even remotely, preferring the use of chest sensors Uptivo Belt-D. The real-time monitoring of training parameters, both in person and online, helps trainers to give useful and immediate work indications.

“Monitoring data such as heart rate in real time increases the perception of training quality and makes the entire workout a unique and highly motivating experience.”

Luca Novati

CEO of MiFit

3. Gamification as a motivational tool for MiFit customers

MiFit uses the Gamification by Uptivo as a motivational tool for its customers. In fact, the Uptivo platform allows you to create challenges and competitions among users, promoting healthy competition and motivation to achieve increasingly ambitious goals. In addition, Uptivo offers badges and awards for user performance, making the training experience even more rewarding. Thanks to gamification, MiFit users feel involved and motivated to achieve their fitness goals, creating a stimulating and collaborative community. Gamification is therefore an essential tool for increasing the motivation and commitment of MiFit users, making the training experience even more effective and fun.

4. The importance of monitoring customer training for MiFit

Monitoring the fitness and sports performance of customers is a fundamental aspect for MiFit, which is dedicated to promoting the physical and mental well-being of its users. Using the Uptivo platform, MiFit constantly monitors the health of its customers, collecting data on heart rate, effort and calorie consumption during training. This data allows MiFit personal trainers to evaluate the progress of the training and to make any changes to improve its effectiveness. In addition, health monitoring makes it possible to identify any customer health problems, allowing a timely and personalized intervention. In this way, MiFit is committed to ensuring a safe and highly professional training experience for its users. Uptivo, adds Luca, proved to be essential for the identification of some cases of previous pathologies present in customers, which were identified and resolved in time.

In conclusion, MiFit represents a highly professional personal training chain aimed at promoting the well-being of its customers. Thanks to the collaboration with Uptivo, MiFit offers a personalized and highly motivating training experience, maintaining a very high quality offer that allows you to stand out significantly from the competition.

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