Uptivo & Garmin

Embrace the fitness revolution with Uptivo and Garmin: an exclusive data integration service!

This collaboration aims to merge the pinnacle of personal coaching and activity monitoring, with the leading platform for fitness professionals, gyms, and fitness studios. This integration provides a unified solution, enabling trainers and coaches to gain a holistic view of their clients' health and activity metrics through a singular, centralized platform.
This integration provides a unified solution, allowing trainers and trainers to obtain a holistic view of their clients' health and training metrics through a single, centralized platform.

360° reporting

A Holistic View of Health and Activity

The Garmin expertise in precise health tracking and monitoring complements Uptivo's rich gamification features, designed specifically for gyms, fitness studios, and personal trainers, fostering data-driven engagement and motivation.

Customer's points and calories

Stress levels

Quality of sleep

Cardiac Variability (HRV)

In this way, they can offer personalized recommendations, adapt fitness programs more effectively and reinforce daily habits through an extensive gamification suite.

Health Management

Health Data
At Your Fingertips

Uptivo's collaboration with Garmin Health brings an array of health data to fitness professionals' fingertips. Through our centralized web platform, trainers and coaches can monitor their clients training parameters, sleep patterns, stress levels, heart rate variability, and much more.
This enables them to offer personalized advice, tailor fitness programs more effectively, and bolster daily habits through an extensive gamification suite. The synergy between accurate health monitoring and the tracking of training activities and workout intensity is crucial.


Motivation for Better Results

Uptivo's seamless integration with the Garmin tracking technology offers fitness professionals a centralized overview of their clients achievements and progress, empowering them to drive better results.

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