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Health Management with Uptivo

With Uptivo Health Management, you'll have the security of comprehensive monitoring of your customers' health and training. This service integrates heart rate measurement and training intensity analysis with Uptivo Performance Points (UPPs), allowing for innovative and data-driven management.


Heart Rate Monitoring

Get accurate and consistent data throughout the entire workout to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each exercise.


Training Intensity and Zones

Adjust the intensity of the sessions based on individual target zones, optimizing the workload for each user.


Manage your classes and groups

Guide your customers and adjust the intensity of your lessons with a quick glance at the screens in the room.


Use data to achieve goals

Take advantage of Uptivo's sport-specific solutions for activities such as water fitness, indoor biking and combat fitness.


Train your clients remotely

Uptivo LIVE allows you to train customers at home, on vacation or on a business trip with real-time support from a coach.


Integration with external devices

Uptivo directly manages Bluetooth LE and ANT+ sensors, and integrates with Apple Watch and Garmin Connect™.


Uptivo LIVE:
The solution for ONLINE training

Turn every space into a gym with Uptivo LIVE.
Thanks to high-quality video streaming and real-time feedback, each session becomes an interactive and engaging experience, always in touch with your customers.

High-quality video streaming for an immersive experience

Real-time training data to improve performance

Interactive training means personalized training


Integration with External Devices

Uptivo connects to a wide range of sensors via Bluetooth LE and ANT+ transmission, for advanced performance tracking. It ensures precise monitoring and in-depth analysis of the workout, at any time and wherever you are. The integration with Garmin Connect™ allows fitness enthusiasts to use their favorite smartwatch.

Compatible with various sensors for precise intensity data collection.
Integration with Garmin Connect™ for simplified training analysis.

Customer Testimonials

Find out how training with Uptivo has transformed the sport experience for many.

Uptivo LIVE was a real revolution in our fitness center. Now we can offer remote training sessions with real-time interaction between trainers and athletes.


Personal Trainer, Fitness Club

Thanks to Uptivo LIVE, our athletes received visual feedback in real time and we were able to manage training intensity effectively.


Coach, Sports Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Uptivo's health management.

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Which devices are compatible?

Uptivo integrates with all ANT+ heart rate monitors and with Garmin HRM in Bluetooth. Uptivo can also be connected to Garmin Connect™.

How does Uptivo LIVE work?

Uptivo LIVE integrates remote training sessions into your fitness ecosystem. You can receive real-time visual feedback on heart rate intensity, training zones, calories and UPPs in 1-to-1 sessions or with groups of up to 50 people.

Which activities do you support?

Uptivo supports a wide range of activities, including functional training, HIIT, water fitness, indoor biking and combat fitness. Contact us for more information.

Can I try Uptivo LIVE for free?

Yes, we offer a free trial of Uptivo LIVE for a limited time. Register now to start using it.

How to build a stronger bond with members?

Customizing the app allows you to offer a branded experience, creating a stronger and lasting bond with your members.

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