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Uptivo offers an innovative answer to the needs of fitness centers, fitness boutiques  and personal trainers: a unique system for monitoring training intensity, with integrated and simple management of club and customers. Engage and retain your clients with new challenges and rankings, transforming every workout into a unique experience.

Increase retention

Strengthen Your Customer Loyalty with Uptivo's Gamification

The secret to keeping customers motivated and loyal to your fitness center lies in offering a unique and engaging experience.

With Uptivo's GAMIFICATION, you use group or individual heart rate monitoring data to create a stimulating environment where every workout becomes a competition, and every progress is visible and recognized. Through dynamic rankings and personalized challenges, Uptivo tracks physical activity on an exciting path to well-being, encouraging participation and promoting a healthy competitive spirit.

Innovative User Experience: Measure and display the intensity of your members' heart rate on the screen in real time to guide and encourage them.

Personalized Engagement: Tailor-made challenges and rankings stimulate individual and group commitment.

Enhanced Loyalty: Gamification increases customer loyalty, transforming routine into fun.


Simplified customer management with UPTIVO's customizable management app

Facing organizational complexity is daily for those who manage a fitness center, a fitness boutique or offer personal training services.
Uptivo simplifies this challenge, providing you with a customizable app that supports your business at 360°.
From managing appointments to sending targeted communications, every action is designed to save precious time and build lasting relationships with customers.

Time Optimization: Record customer data and manage your appointments with a few clicks.

Effective Communication: Engage your customers directly from the platform with messages via the personalized app.

Flexibility and Personalization: Adapt Uptivo to the specificities of your center, ensuring a service tailored to you and your customers.


Optimize your business

Uptivo combines all the functions needed for fitness centers, boutique fitness centers and personal trainers.


Optimize Well-being with Uptivo's Health Management

With Uptivo, you take training monitoring to the next level, ensuring the overall well-being of your customers. With real-time tracking and precise performance evaluation, you offer a cutting-edge service that takes into account heart rate, training intensity and time spent in target zones. Thanks to the integration with Garmin Connect, you can also track advanced parameters such as sleep status, HRV, body battery, stress and much more.

data collection

Analysis and Reporting

Thanks to Uptivo, you'll have access to detailed reports on facility usage and customer performance. Use these analyses to adapt your offerings and improve resource planning, basing every decision on reliable and concrete data.


Intensity Monitoring

With Uptivo, you offer your fitness services in the gym and beyond the walls of your center. Organize telemetry classes, lead the small group, monitor your personal customers. Your customers can train in person or remotely, wherever they are.


Devices and Apps

Uptivo makes the use of sensors and devices simple, offering an easily integrated system. Belt D chest strap or Lightband armband, each tool is designed for accurate and real-time monitoring, which can be integrated into your center or accessed directly from our app.

success stories


Find out how fitness centers, fitness boutiques and personal trainers have effectively optimized their business. Through the implementation of our solutions, they have achieved significant improvements in terms of customer engagement, performance and growth.



Discover Uptivo Workouts, the plan that transforms the way you train in fitness centers, fitness boutiques and personal training studios. Access a vast library of exercises, create tailor-made programs and engage your customers with innovative workouts.

Uptivo Workouts improves performance and management, offering a unique and personalized experience.

Library of Over 1000 Exercises

A wide range of exercises complete with videos, descriptions and execution tips, accessible directly from the Uptivo platform.

Circuit Projection and Timer

The possibility of displaying training circuits on screens inside the center, facilitating group courses and improving the training experience.

In-app training

Tools for creating and sending personalized programs based on specific customer goals, increasing the effectiveness of training and user engagement.

How does it work

Innovation and Engagement

Uptivo transforms the fitness experience in your club, combining an efficient management system with advanced gamification functionalities. Personalize each customer's journey thanks to our adaptable CRM, and increase their loyalty with exciting challenges and rankings. It's not just a management platform, but a real engagement tool that makes every workout stimulating and rewarding.

Advanced Management

Configurable and customizable web app for optimal customer management.

Unique experience

Tailor-made services, which improve performance and customer satisfaction.

Customer Testimonials

Find out what our customers have to say.

Uptivo has transformed the management of our fitness center. Thanks to the app, we were able to improve the engagement of our customers and optimize the management of the center.


Director, Fitness Boutique

Uptivo was a real revolution for our studio. We have seen a significant increase in our customer engagement and loyalty.


Personal Trainer

Uptivo is an excellent solution for fitness centers that are looking for an effective way to engage their customers and improve performance.


Owner, Fitness Club

Thanks to Uptivo, we were able to create a unique and personalized experience for our customers, improving the management of our center.


Director, Fit Studio

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Find out how our innovative solution can transform the experience in your fitness center, fitness boutique or for your personal training activity.

Innovation and Synchronization

Garmin & Uptivo: Advanced Synergy for Fitness

With the integration of Uptivo and Garmin devices, enter a new era of advanced monitoring: every physical activity and well-being metric is tracked with the utmost precision.

Get a complete view of customer well-being, with detailed data on training, stress, sleep and heart rate variability, all powered by Uptivo's dynamic gamification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about Uptivo and its services.

What is Uptivo?

Uptivo is an app that revolutionizes the management of fitness centers, fitness boutiques and personal trainers by combining all the necessary features in a single platform. It offers a customizable CRM and promotes customer engagement with challenges and rankings.

What are the services offered by Uptivo?

Uptivo offers a wide range of services for fitness centers, boutique gyms and personal trainers. These include customer management, gamification, customizable CRM, and so much more.

How can I improve my customer engagement?

Uptivo allows you to improve the engagement of your customers through challenges and rankings. This creates healthy competition and motivates them to achieve their goals.

What are the advantages of Uptivo for managing the center?

Uptivo optimizes the management of your fitness center, allowing you to manage customers, reservations, classes, workout programs and much more efficiently. It helps you save time and improve your productivity.

How can I increase the loyalty of my customers?

Uptivo helps you increase the loyalty of your customers by offering them a unique and personalized experience. With challenges, rankings and awards, you engage them and motivate them to return to your fitness center.

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Find out how Uptivo can offer you a more integrated, personalized and performing solution than the alternatives on the market.

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