The Science of Fitness:
Levels, Points and Zones

Learn how Uptivo applies scientific principles and gamification to make every fitness session more effective, stimulating and rewarding.


Uptivo Levels

Consistent training is essential to improve your cardiovascular health, reduce the risks of injuries and illnesses, combat stress, anxiety and depression.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least 150 minutes a wecate physical activity, or 75 minutes of intense cardio-respiratory activity or, again, an equivalent combination of moderate and intense activity.

Uptivo levels are based on WHO recommendations and reward your clients' consistent training, making them progress on a ladder with 10 difficulty steps.

How do you advance in level?

2000 UPPs are needed each month to maintain the current level and progress to the next level. 2000 monthly UPPs roughly correspond to the World Health Organization's recommendations for duration and intensity.

How do you accumulate UPPs?

Customers earn UPPs every time they work out with Uptivo by monitoring their heart rate. The speed with which they generate UPPs depends on the training intensit; the greater the commitment, the more points you receive.
But be careful not to overdo it: Uptivo rewards intense training, but not overtraining!

UPPs (Uptivo Performance Points)

Uptivo points

UPPs make it possible to evaluate the training performance of club members regardless of age, gender and physical fitness.
Members earn UPPs while they work out, depending on the time spent in the different heart rate zones.

The higher the training intensity, the more points you earn!
UPPs are assigned with a curve that rewards intense training, but not overtraining.


Training Zones
Based on Heart Rate

Uptivo uses Maximum Heart Rate to calculate the Training Zones and show the matching colors on the screen.
The training zones represent heart rate ranges, each of them matching a different range of exercise intensity.
Keeping your Heart Rate under control during training is equivalent to correctly dosing the intensity of the effort and allows you to run specific workouts, aimed at achieving specific individual goals.

Maximum Intensity

90% - 100% of max HR: very high intensity. Improves maximum performance and speed. Improves maximum sprinting performance.

RECOMMENDED for: anaerobic resistance and muscle power.

0 - 2 minutes

Anaerobic zone

80% - 89% of max HR: improves high speed resistance and maximum performance. It allows you to raise your anaerobic threshold.

RECOMMENDED for: power training and maximum performance improvement.

2 - 10 minutes

Aerobic Zone

70% - 79% of max HR: improves aerobic condition and delays fatigue caused by lactic acid. It expands blood vessels, increases lung capacity and strengthens the heart muscle, allowing longer workouts.

RECOMMENDED for: resistance.

10 - 40 minutes

Weight Control

60% - 69% of max HR: increases the efficiency with which fats and carbohydrates are used as energy sources. It prepares the body for more intense workouts.

RECOMMENDED for: fat burn, weight loss.

40 - 80 minutes

Moderate Intensity

50% - 59% of max HR: improves blood circulation, helping to have a healthy heart and to recover after intense workouts.

RECOMMENDED for: warm-up and cool-down.

For a long time


less than 50% of max HR: rest

Very long

Calculation of max HR
(Maximum Heart Rate)

Uptivo automatically sets Max HR for each member based on teir date of birth using the Tanaka formula, a direct evolution of Cooper's more classic formula.

Tanaka: 208 — 0.7 x age in years.

However, trainers have the option of customizing Max HR for each member of their club to adapt the training data to the athlete's actual physiological state, or to keep under control the excessive intensity of training in people recovering from cardiovascular diseases or undergoing pharmacological treatments that alter the physiological cardiac response to effort.

Customer Testimonials

Learn how Uptivo helped our members improve.

“Thanks to the gamification of Uptivo, I found the motivation to train regularly and improve my fitness. It's been great to see my progress and reach new levels of fitness every week.”



“Thanks to Uptivo, I achieved my fitness goals and exceeded my expectations. Gamification kept me motivated and made me feel part of a community of people who support each other.”


Yoga enthusiast

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about gamification, challenges, and health monitoring with Uptivo.

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How does gamification work?

Uptivo's gamification is based on UPPs, which measure training intensity, and uses challenges and levels to motivate users to do regular physical activity. Points are awarded based on the intensity and duration of training, while levels increase as you achieve certain goals.

How is my Maximum Heart Rate calculated?

HRmax is calculated automatically using Tanaka's formula: 208 - (0.7 x age in years). Trainers can customize this value to suit individual physiological conditions.

How are the Training Zones displayed during exercise?

The zones are displayed in real time on screens connected to Uptivo Bridge, with colors corresponding to each zone, allowing users to monitor their intensity during training.

What devices are compatible with Uptivo for heart rate monitoring?

Uptivo is compatible with a wide range of sensors that use Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ technology, including those of the best-known brands such as Polar, Garmin and others.

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