Uptivo Gamification: Build Customer Loyalty

Discover how Uptivo's gamification infuses energy and fun into the fitness journey of your members and customers.


Engaging workouts

With our level system based on UPPs and customizable challenges, we transform every training session into a memorable experience that promotes consistency and commitment.


Uptive Levels: Incentives for Regular Practice

Find out how Uptivo levels, based on WHO recommendations, motivate regular practice and reward continuity in training to improve cardiovascular well-being and combat stress.

10 Difficulty Levels

Uptivo uses UPPs and levels to motivate users.

Organize Challenges

It stimulates engagement and healthy competition among members.


Personalized challenges and timers for dynamic workouts

Learn how challenges based on UPPs make sessions more interactive and stimulating, allowing trainers to create tailor-made workouts that push every athlete to their maximum potential.

Stimulating competition

Organize challenges to stimulate engagement and healthy competition among members.

Health monitoring

Collect biometric data and health information to track progress over time.


Rankings and Rewards: Challenge Yourself and Others

Regular rankings and reward systems create a healthy, engaging and competitive environment, encouraging members to achieve personal and group goals, and to celebrate progress together.


Detailed analysis of user performance

We provide managers with valuable data to optimize business strategies.
Custom reports allow you to monitor specific KPIs, such as the frequency of visits, customer progress and training performance.

Advanced Reporting

The data collected supports decision makers to understand training trends and identify areas for improvement.

Personalized offers

Develop personalized offers for members based on data collected with Uptivo.

Customer Testimonials

Learn how Uptivo helped our users improve.

“Thanks Uptivo's gamification, I found the motivation to train regularly and improve my fitness. It's been great to see my progress and reach new levels of fitness every week.”



“Thanks to Uptivo, I achieved my fitness goals and exceeded my expectations. Gamification kept me motivated and made me feel part of a community of people who support each other.”


Yoga enthusiast

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about gamification, challenges, and health monitoring with Uptivo.

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How does gamification work?

Uptivo's gamification is based on UPPs, which measure training intensity, and uses challenges and levels to motivate users to do regular physical activity. Points are awarded based on the intensity and duration of training, while levels increase as you train consistently over time.

What are the available challenges?

With Uptivo it is possible to set up challenges in real time or over time, competitive or goal-based, taking into account UPPs (intensity points), calories burned, number of workouts and much more.

How does health monitoring work?

Uptivo helps collect biometric data and health information to track progress over time. This data may include your heart rate, calories burned, quality of sleep, fat and lean mass, and more.

Can I contact support?

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Our support team will be happy to assist you.

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