The Heart of Your Management:
Uptivo CRM

A cutting-edge platform that allows you to plan,
manage and communicate efficiently and effectively.


Centralized Management for Improved Efficiency

With the Uptivo CRM, you can easily manage your  calendars, customers' reservations and subscriptions in one place. You no longer have to worry about keeping track or managing your business from different platforms or apps.

Everything you need is at your fingertips in a single platform.

Intuitive planning of activities and services

Advanced booking and subscription management system

Integrated payments directly through the Uptivo app


Smart Communication and Personalized Branding

Find out how our management system can personalize your members' experience and strengthen your brand through dedicated communication tools.


Integrated communication tools for direct and personalized contact.


Service and app branding for total immersion in your brand.


Advanced Reporting and Business Support

Uptivo isn't just a management tool: it's a magnifying glass on your business. Analyze every aspect of the performance of your club and its members with reports that uncover trends and opportunities, transforming every data into a strategic action.

Deep Insights: With our Dashboard, dive into the metrics that matter, from frequency patterns to performance peaks.

Strategic Decisions: Translate the analysis into real actions to refine your offer and exceed the expectations of your customers.

Targeted Marketing: Use advanced segmentation for communication campaigns that hit the nail on the head, every time.


Control and Act with the Uptivo Dashboard

The Uptivo Dashboard is your command center for dynamic and responsive management.
From here you can observe the flow of your center, optimize campaigns and coordinate your staff with surgical precision.

Customer Segmentation

Identify customer segments and personalize communication to maximize engagement.

Task Management

Manage your team with a task management suite that makes every operation more streamlined and focused.


Personalized training programs and after-sales service

We offer a customized training course to meet the needs of our customers.
In addition, we provide a comprehensive after-sales service to ensure the success of our customers.

Customer Testimonials

Find out what the companies that have used Uptivo have to say

“Uptivo has transformed our customer management, making it more efficient and personalized.”


CEO, Fitness Club

“Thanks to Uptivo, we were able to improve our communication with customers and increase loyalty.”


Marketing Manager, Fitness Boutique

“Uptivo has allowed us to get a clear view of our customers and to offer them a personalized experience.”


Sales Director, Fitness Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about management and customization.

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How does the CRM work?

The CRM allows you to manage customer information, track interactions, and automate sales and marketing processes.

How do I customize the app?

The app can be customized with your brand logo and colors, offering a unique experience to your users.

What are the advanced features of the Dashboard?

The Dashboard offers advanced functionality for customer segmentation, allowing you to send targeted and personalized communications.

How to manage reservations and payments?

The booking and subscription management system allows you to organize lessons, manage subscriptions, reservations and payments independently through the app.

How to build a stronger bond with members?

Customizing the app allows you to offer a branded experience, creating a stronger and lasting bond with your members.

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