Our Story

We are a company with a mission: to provide innovative solutions to our customers.


Our story of success and growth

UPTIVO was born from a clear and ambitious project: to revolutionize the experience in fitness centers, transforming it into a stimulating and meaningful journey. Our mission was and is to provide professionals in the sector with a dynamic and innovative tool, capable of raising the satisfaction and loyalty of their customers, pushing them towards personal and collective success.

Digital Revolution in Fitness

One of UPTIVO's most significant initiatives is its ability to digitize fitness center operations, placing technological innovation at the heart of their daily activities.

Through our platform, we offer a complete solution that simplifies and optimizes management, from monitoring user performance to managing reservations and subscriptions, to interaction between community members and staff.

This move towards digitalization allows for more efficient management and significantly improves the customer experience, allowing managers to focus more on what is really important: the assistance and motivation of their users.

Motivating Experience

With the introduction of UPTIVO, we wanted to make every moment of fitness a rewarding and motivating experience.
The platform was designed to encourage users to overcome their limits in a cheerful and social environment, making every challenge an opportunity to grow and every success a springboard to new goals.

The success of UPTIVO is based on community values, support and continuous improvement.

Our vision was realized through a platform that not only stimulates, but celebrates every progress of our users, establishing a positive and stimulating atmosphere that encourages perseverance and determination.

Innovation at the Service of Wellness

Innovation and progress mark our trajectory, showing us that every obstacle is an opportunity to improve and enrich our offer even more.
UPTIVO has become a symbol of excellence and innovation in the fitness industry, representing our unconditional commitment to well-being and customer satisfaction.

Today, UPTIVO goes beyond the simple definition of a platform: it has become a symbol of positive energy, health and fulfillment.
It represents the commitment of a team united by faith in the power of movement and in self-improvement.

Our mission continues: to inspire people to achieve their best version of themselves through fitness and well-being.

Our Story, Your Story

UPTIVO is the fruit of a dream that comes to life every day, supported by the dedication of a passionate team.
It's an invitation for everyone to join this exciting movement, to push the limits and celebrate every victory. Together we are building a more active, healthy and joyful future.

The story of UPTIVO is also yours: together, we are redefining the future of fitness.


Our team

Discover our team of experts

Fabrizio Colciago
Marco Braga
Ely Maspero
Head of Product
Maria Grazia Pirovano
Andrea Monticelli
Sales Director
Elisa Gaglioti
Sales Assistant
Igor Castiglia
Head of Fitness
Cristiano Riva
Mobile Development Lead
Alberto Bovi
Embedded Development Lead
Carolina Parravicini
Head of Marketing

The company's growth and success are backed by numbers.

We are proud to have achieved significant results in the sector thanks to our dedication and constant commitment.

Increase in sales over the last year.
Reduction of operating costs thanks to process optimization.

Discover Uptivo, the perfect solution

To manage your fitness business efficiently and professionally.

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