Improve data tracking with Uptivo Devices

Discover the Uptivo's extensive range of devices and apps for tracking and analyzing your members' activities.


Uptivo Cloud: The Intelligence Behind the Best Tracking and Gamification Solution

Uptivo Cloud is the engine that allows you to set up group or individual workouts, save all training data, organize challenges and competitions and offer a complete service from a unified web platform.

Intuitive interface

Powerful and flexible

Simple and functional app

Adapts to your club's needs


Uptivo Bridge: At The Heart Of Your Fitness

The Uptivo Bridge receivers represent the perfect synergy between technology and fitness, collecting HR telemetry and displaying training zones in real time, making each session a unique and engaging experience.

Easy to connect

Wireless or wired connection to your network.

Powerful features

Customer workouts, on-screen workouts, timers and challenges in real time.


Uptivo Belt:
As Accurate as an EKG

With Uptivo Belt, take heart rate tracking to a new standard. Use it anywhere for reliable data, in the gym or outdoors, in combination with the best fitness apps.

Precise monitoring

The Uptivo heart rate monitor records your heart rate in real time and provides performance information.

In-depth analysis

The Uptivo app analyzes the data recorded by the sensor to provide detailed training reports.


Uptivo Lightband:
Visibility and Performance at Your Arm

Uptivo LIGHTBAND is the wearable that lights up your training. From gym classes to outdoor sessions, LED lights adapt to your effort for a guided and optimized workout.


The Uptivo arm sensor offers exceptional visibility and a comfortable fit.


Record on-board workouts with Lightband Uptivo.

I purchased this heart sensor to monitor my training sessions at the gym and at home. The sensor detects the heart rate accurately and allows you to know the heart zones of your training very intuitively. Just look at the color of the light emitted by the sensor to know your heart rate, and this allows you to train more effectively and consciously. The application is very well done, simple to use and intuitive. A great tool for training based on your heart rate. Highly recommended!


Michele P., Italy

I use it in the pool and record my training that I then transfer to my phone via the app. Very functional and comfortable. You can constantly check your heart rate during training because it changes color as the frequency changes.


Luke, France

Really good monitor with a nice app. It works as expected, if not better. Also not a random brand, high quality, I think it's an Italian company. Anyway, quality item.

Belt D

Dave, Canada

Excellent product, easy to use, intuitive and precise, I have tried it in various situations, the band stays in position without causing any discomfort in movement.

Belt D

Daniel, United Kingdom


Uptivo App: Your Fitness, Always At Your Fingertips

The Uptivo App is your personal digital coach.
Monitor your progress, adjust your training intensity and assess your fitness with a tap.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about our devices and the Uptivo app.

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How does Uptivo Bridge work?

Uptivo Bridge is a device that allows you to monitor an unlimited number of customers and devices with ANT+ technology. This allows you to view and record your clients' workouts automatically.

How to use Uptivo Belt?

Uptivo Belt is a chest strap that monitors your heart rate during training. Just wear it to be tracked in the gym. It can be connected to the Uptivo app to track heart rate in real time and maximize results when not at the gym.

How does Uptivo Lightband work?

Uptivo Lightband is a fitness armband that monitors physical activity, calories and training intensity. Thanks to the integrated memory and water resistance, it can be used in common gym activities, but also in swimming, aquagym and aquabike sessions.

How to use the Uptivo app?

The Uptivo app is easy to use. Just download it to your smartphone or tablet, pair it with your Uptivo devices, and start tracking and analyzing your workouts. You can view your data in real time, monitor your progress over time and follow the challenges of your Uptivo club.

How do I get help?

If you need assistance with our devices or the Uptivo app, please contact us. Our support team will be happy to help you and resolve any issues you may have.

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