The Power of UPTIVO

From centralized customer management to gamification, through innovative training intensity monitoring: each service is designed to enhance your business.

Advanced Management
of clubs and customers

Live heart rate monitoring for more effective workouts

Increase member engagement and loyalty

Competitive rankings and stimulating challenges

Advanced reporting for detailed analysis

Wellness tracking for comprehensive monitoring

Customized options for every need

Gym, outdoor, home and online workouts


Efficiency and Control at Your Service:
Uptivo's Centralized Management System

Uptivo provides an excellent solution for fitness centers, fitness boutiques and personal trainers, allowing advanced and personalized management. With intuitive functionality, every aspect of the customer relationship becomes easier: from reservations to subscription management, to payments directly from the app. Personalize communication, creating an exclusive experience for members, focused on your brand.

Management and CRM

With Uptivo, daily operations are streamlined thanks to an integrated booking system and efficient subscription and payment management, all centralized through a practical app.


Support your brand by customizing the mobile app for your customers. Uptivo offers you the opportunity to make your service stand out in the market, promoting your brand identity without the risks of software development.

Uptivo Dashboard

The Dashboard offers a complete management of contacts, categorizing members and allowing targeted notifications and messages, as well as the creation of task lists for staff, improving internal organization.

Direct Contact with Customers

Motivate customers with challenges and direct promotions. Uptivo transforms every notification into an engagement opportunity, increasing the frequency and quality of interaction with members.


Motivation and Loyalty

With Uptivo, bring gamification to the core of your fitness offering. Through progressive levels, tailored challenges and a reward system with medals and trophies, Uptivo creates a stimulating and competitive environment.

Incentivize members with Uptivo Performance Points (UPPs) that value commitment and consistency, regardless of age or fitness, and offer the opportunity to compete in group challenges, making every workout a moment of growth and fun.

Challenge levels based on WHO standards

Motivate members with a training program that rewards continuity and the improvement of cardiovascular well-being.

Rankings and rewards

Create a playful environment with rankings based on UPPs and calories, to encourage personal and collective improvement.


Fitness monitoring for 360° well-being

Manage the workout intensity and health of customers wherever they are, with an intuitive platform that promotes safe, personal and motivating training.

Heart rate monitoring

Heart rate analysis and calories calculation with Performance Points.

Intensity of training

It measures the intensity of the training and the time spent in target zones.

Uptivo Performance Points (UPPs)

Scoring system that evaluates performance and overall well-being.



Discover Uptivo Workouts, the plan that transforms the way you train in fitness centers, fitness boutiques and personal training studios. Access a vast library of exercises, create tailor-made programs and engage your customers with innovative workouts.

Uptivo Workouts improves performance and management, offering a unique and personalized experience.

Library of Over 1000 Exercises

A wide range of exercises complete with videos, descriptions and execution tips, accessible directly from the Uptivo platform.

Circuit Projection and Timer

The possibility of displaying training circuits on screens inside the center, facilitating group courses and improving the training experience.

In-app training

Tools for creating and sending personalized programs based on specific customer goals, increasing the effectiveness of training and user engagement.


Monitoring and Data Collection

Uptivo's advanced monitoring is the key to maximizing performance within your fitness center.
Thanks to cutting-edge sensors and dedicated devices, every training session becomes an opportunity for growth and improvement, with precise and detailed data on heart rate, calories burned and training zones.
Our tracking system allows you to keep track of members' activity in real time, ensuring optimized indoor and outdoor workouts.

HR Monitoring

Constantly monitor your members' heart rate during workouts to maximize results.

Biometric data

Generate detailed reports on the performance of your members to evaluate their progress over time.


Data Analysis and Decision Support

With Uptivo's advanced reporting features, you have all the tools to analyze your business and make decisions based on actual data.
Our intuitive dashboard allows you to have a complete overview of center and member performance, making it easy to optimize resources and adapt your offer based on customer needs and progress.

Empower your center to anticipate trends and adapt dynamically, ensuring maximum efficiency and success.


Customization Options for Your Business

Uptivo offers a wide range of customization options to meet the unique needs of each club and personal trainer. From branding our app to centralized management, we have everything you need.

Custom options

Centralized management, advanced reporting, live HR monitoring and much more.

Personal Branding

This option allows you to highlight your brand, with the advantage of a solution that does not involve risks and responsibilities associated with developing an application from scratch.


Uptivo: Connected and Dynamic Training

Uptivo takes your fitness experience to the next level.

Connect and engage your customers both inside the center and remotely, offering a continuous and interactive training experience.

Combat Fitness

Make your Boxing and Combat Fitness classes lively and engaging with real-time punch tracking, boosting the experience with a competition based on real data such as strength and speed.

Indoor Biking

With Uptivo's Indoor Biking solution, you can view the power and cadence values collected by ANT+ devices, allowing advanced training customization based on individual FTP values.

Fitness in Water

The Uptivo Lightband is water resistant and provides real-time visual feedback to trainers, who can adjust the pace of Aquabike and Aquagym classes, adjusting the intensity based on heart rate zones.


Learn more about the services and features offered by Uptivo.

How does Uptivo work?

Uptivo is an advanced management software designed specifically for fitness centers and professionals in the industry. It offers centralized management, performance tracking, stimulating challenges and a gamification system to increase member engagement and loyalty.

What are the options available?

Uptivo offers several options including real-time heart monitoring, competitive rankings, LIVE for remote training, integration with sensors, advanced reporting, wellness tracking and customization for every club need.

How can I contact you for a Demo?

You can contact Uptivo by filling out the contact form on our website or sending an email to our support team, or by booking a demo directly in our Calendar.

What are the benefits of Uptivo?

Uptivo benefits include efficient management of fitness centers, improved member experience, optimized performance, and increased customer loyalty.

What are the prices?

Uptivo prices depend on the specific needs of the club or professional. Contact us to receive a personalized quote.

Do you still have questions?

Contact us for more information or requests.

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Unlimited sensors from other brands
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Unlimited sensors from other brands
Unlimited Trainer Apps
Uptivo LIVE license included
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