META Evolution Gym
Fitness Studio
Rochester, Medway (UK)

Strengthen the community with gamification.

1. What does it offer
META Evolution Gym

META Evolution Gym is an exclusive personal training studio located in Rochester, Medway, UK. Founded by highly qualified fitness experts, META Evolution Gym offers a wide range of personalized services to help its customers achieve their fitness goals. With the use of cutting-edge technology and a motivating approach to training, META Evolution Gym stands out from other fitness centers in the area.

2. How does Uptivo work for sports performance monitoring

Uptivo is the training monitoring platform chosen by META Evolution Gym to help their customers track and improve their performance during their fitness journey. This innovative system allows you to monitor physical activity, heart rate and calories burned in real time, providing a complete overview of sports performance. In addition, Uptivo allows you to create personalized training programs, based on sports performance data collected during previous workouts. This allows you to create a highly effective and personalized training plan, which takes into account the needs and progress of each client. In addition, sharing your progress with friends and coaches, contributes to the creation of a motivating and collaborative environment such as META Evolution Gym, where you can achieve your fitness goals effectively.

“The monthly challenges have become the strong point of training with Uptivo, to transform training into a moment of challenge and fun, strengthening our community.”

Shelley McEwen

Director of META Evolution Gym

3. How META Evolution Gym makes training fun and motivating

META Evolution Gym offers workouts that are designed to always be different and challenging, to keep customers motivated. In addition, META Evolution Gym organizes events and challenges to keep its customers motivated and create a sense of community. Thanks to this motivating and engaging approach, the atmosphere at META Evolution Gym is always welcoming and collaborative, creating an environment where customers can feel at ease and motivated.

In the classes one-to-one, in particular, Uptivo proves to be a great ally for the creation of tailor-made training programs that lead to concrete results in defined times. Personalized programs help athletes train while balancing leisure, work and well-being.
In group sessions, on the other hand, designed for up to eight people, Uptivo stimulates friendly competition and motivates athletes to do their best.
“The monthly challenges” — says Shelley — “have become the strong point of training with Uptivo, to transform training into a moment of challenge and fun, strengthening our community.” Thanks to the monitors inside META Evolution Gym, in fact, it's easy to keep an eye on the rankings and your goals.
With the support of Badge, Levels, Trophies and Challenge, Uptivo allows you to train in a fun way, helping athletes to stay focused on their goals. All this contributes to the creation of a motivating and fun environment that stimulates the birth of new friendships.

META Evolution Gym stands out for the high value of the services offered. The result of a careful evaluation, knowledge and experience of Shelley, who personally selects the equipment used to guarantee a high level of service to community members. META's goal of differentiating itself from a simple gym and building an exclusive environment, such as a boutique personal training studio, also takes shape thanks to Uptivo and its excellent heart rate monitoring technology, making workouts fun with the addition of challenges and friendly competitions.

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