Fitness Faktory
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Veneto, Italy

Group cardio monitoring at the service of health.

1. What Fitness Faktory offers

Fitness Faktory is an innovative sports club specialized in caring for people with chronic-degenerative diseases, which offers personalized training programs. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies such as Uptivo, for heart rate monitoring, Fitness Faktory guarantees a personalized approach to training based on the specific needs of the person. There are many professionals and amateurs who rely on the Fitness Faktory method to achieve their goals.

2. Fitness Faktory's mission

Fitness Faktory, active in the Veneto region since 1986, stands out for its innovative and specialized approach to its members. Starting from the years of the first body building and aerobics, it has come to the establishment of the first Health Gym in 2015, administered by Gabriele Bettiol, in Signoressa di Trevignano (TV). The company can count on a team of highly qualified experts, composed of doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists and personal trainers, strictly graduated and certified, who collaborate synergistically to create tailor-made training programs for each individual customer. Thanks to this personalized approach, Fitness Faktory guarantees a unique training experience, able to meet the needs of everyone, from beginners to professional athletes. In addition, the company has adopted cutting-edge technologies for monitoring the training and well-being of its customers, ensuring an unprecedented level of safety and reliability.

“Uptivo is essential to obtain results in total safety and in the shortest possible time.”

Gabriele Bettiol

Founder of Fitness Faktory

3. The use of Uptivo for heart rate monitoring in training people with chronic-degenerative diseases

Fitness Faktory is particularly attentive to the needs of people suffering from stabilized chronic-degenerative diseases. Thanks to the collaboration with specialized doctors, the company offers personalized training programs for each individual user, taking into account their health conditions and their specific needs. The goal is to improve people's quality of life through a gradual fitness path adapted to their conditions. For this reason Fitness Faktory uses advanced technologies such as Uptivo, for the constant monitoring of Heart rate during training. The system, in fact, makes it possible to customize the HR Max of each member to adapt the training data to the athlete's actual physiological state, or to keep under control the excessive intensity of training in people recovering from cardiovascular diseases or undergoing pharmacological treatments that alter the physiological cardiac response to effort. This allows doctors and personal trainers to adjust the intensity of the exercise and study ad hoc training programs, in order to guarantee maximum safety for members.

4. Monitoring performance inside and outside the center

Another advantage that Uptivo brought to the center, Yvanie reveals, was the use of monitoring workouts outside the center. Thanks to Uptivo, trainers also have full control of the sports activities carried out outside the center.

Whether it's an extra workout done at home or a run in the park, coaches can view the end of training reports, rewarding commitment and/or giving suggestions and corrections.

“Uptivo saved lives!”

5. Uptivo's contribution to the prevention of risky situations

Uptivo has proved to be essential in detecting heart problems and anomalies of some Fitness Faktory users. Gabriele reveals, in fact, that 'Uptivo has saved lives' on several occasions, promptly bringing to light dysfunctions that had never been detected before. These episodes confirm the importance of a personalized and monitored approach to training, which adapts to the needs of each individual.

In conclusion, Fitness Faktory is a cutting-edge sports center that stands out for its personalized training programs for people with stabilized chronic-degenerative diseases, professional athletes and regular customers. Thanks to the high-quality medical approach and the use of advanced technologies such as Uptivo, the Health Gym guarantees a unique, safe and effective training experience for all its users.

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